Along with our excellence in product quality, we will also offer excellence in service.

  • Address: SMG Repair Center, 59, Seokjung-Ro 301-Beongil, Nam-Gu, Incheon-Si 22117
  • 1588-5687
  • 032-874-6635

All warranty related products must be mailed in. No visitation allowed.

How to send your product in

(Must be prepaid)
Please write down what we can
do to help you. This will quicken
the process.

We work with National Post Office
so you can send us through any
post office near you.

It will take roughly
2 weeks until it gets
registered to our program.

Once it is registered into our
program, repair process will
take roughly 2 weeks.

All products within their warranty
period will be free of charge.
If there is any additional cost,
we will let you know.

Once the repair is over,
we will send the product
via post office!